ASE STUDY on self subject (Life span development)

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1. Case Study on Self.
General instructions: The case study on self will help students to personally connect with the life span development process for an individual. This study must include the ten sections listed below. A template is provided with correct APA style formatting. Students should use this template in typing the case study. Students should write this case study in first person and use their real names where applicable.
Criteria Possible Points
Cover Page, header, and introduction sections are correct 3
Identifying Information section is complete 10
Physical Development section is complete 10
Emotional Development section is complete 10
Social Development section is complete 10
Cognitive Development section is complete 10
Language Development section is complete 10
Moral Development section is complete 10
Theoretical Stages section is complete a discuss 2 stages per template example. 20
Conclusion section is complete 2
Reference Section is Correct. 5
Total Final Points 100
* 1 point is deducted for each APA style or writing mechanics error. Upon reaching 10 errors, the instructor will stop reading and will assign a grade of zero.

The following pages are a template for the case studies. Students should also include a running head on their papers.

Case Study on Self
Student Name
University of West Alabama
EP 506 Spring 2014
Date Submitted

This is your introduction a Briefly indicate that this is a case study of yourself and summarize how you gathered your information for the study. For example on yourself you might indicate that you gathered information from your own memory and mention any other sources that you used such as parents, siblings, teaches, school records, family scrapbooks, diaries or journals that you had kept. This section should be only 1 a 2 paragraphs and should not have a heading.
Identifying Information
Discuss sex, birth order, age, ethnicity, occupation, current family make-up, and nature of community that the person currently lives in. Also describe the family of origin and nature of the community where the person grew up. Finish this section with description of any known or observed exceptional features or abilities of the person.
Note: For the following areas of development, support your discussion with facts a what is the evidence that this person is physically strong, has satisfactory self-control, etc. Each of the following sections should also include information from a reference that identifies what is normal for this personas chronological life-span stage and have citation for that reference.
Physical Development
Discuss general physical development to this point in life to include any developmental challenges. Discuss appearance, motor coordination, physical strength, degree of activity in comparison with peers. Finally, include description of general physical health at this point in life.
Emotional Development
Discuss personas current extent of self control, general disposition, any emotional problems, self-concept, and self-esteem. Also describe how this person generally manages and expresses emotions.
Social Development
Describe this personas current social aspect of life a how and who the person interacts with socially. Discuss expressions of basic courtesies, peer relations, family relationships, and relationships with others in general.
Cognitive Development
Discuss intelligence, academic success/failure, thought processes, interest in school or work, attention span, memory, and ability to reason. This section should include general description of this development to the current time and also a paragraph that describes the personas current cognitive development status.
Language Development
Discuss current status with vocabulary, grammar, intelligibility, and activity to sustain or develop language proficiency. Include description of any languages the person has development in besides the native language.
Moral Development
Discuss development of moral values to this point in life. Also describe the personas current view and practice of morality.(The theories of Piaget and Kohlberg can provide some guidance.)
Theoretical Stages
Begin this section with a couple of introductory sentences to indicate which two developmental theories that you are applying with this person. Choose two of the following theories and discuss the stage and rationale that applies to this person. The headings for the theories should be APA level two headings as shown here.
Briefly discuss the stage and rationale from Piaget that you would use for this person.
Briefly discuss the stage and rationale from Erikson that you would use for this person.
Briefly discuss the stage and rationale from Kohlberg that you would use for this person.
Socioemotional Selectivity Theory
Briefly discuss application from the Socioemotional Selectivity Theory that you would use for this person.
Your conclusion should summarize your reflections on your personal development to this point in life. Discuss how you perceive yourself to compare with peers in your life span stage. With this comparison, also consider yourself in the context of your personal ethnicity, social status, etc. This section will be followed by your reference page, which should include a reference for your textbook and any other resources that you use for this study.

Santrock, J.W. (2010). Life-span development. (14th Ed). Boston: McGraw-Hill Publishers.