Ase Study Patient Focused Essay (2500 words)

Patient focused essay 2,500 words + or a 10%
1. Choose a client under care and provide a brief social / medical history

2. Describe the illness, causes and effects that led to admission.

3. Discuss the underlying biological and psychosocial factors that may have contributed to the development of the illness

4. Describe the signs and symptoms that led the individual to seek help and explain these in relation to the pathophysiological processes involved.

5. Describe the investigations undertaken to confirm diagnosis and explain the significance of any findings.

6. Examine the treatment interventions (pharmacological / Surgical or other) prescribed, the mechanism of their actions and outline any contributions from other members of the MDT.

7. Discuss the actual or expected outcomes of treatment and care. Include any ongoing medications, follow up, Patient education / Health promotion

8. Brief reflection on learning arising from this experience

Evidence of wider reading and the use of research / evidence based literature.
Take care not to use real person or place names or headed documentation. Ensure no information is used that might breach confidentiality.