Ase study recruting, hiring & training employees see attached description

Case Study ABC Company

ABC organization has been in existence since 2005 and has 74 employees. They provide a service to the medical/automotive field by making sure all medical claims are correct and handled in a timely fashion. They are obsessed with exceeding the needs of their customers and have state of the art friendly software. ABC recently landed a contract with a large automotive insurance company to service their medical claims. To be sure they provide excellent quality service they have projected they will need to hire 60 employees to support the automotive companyas claims.

You were recently hired as the manager of human resources for ABC Company and your first project is to recruit, hire, and train 60 new employees in the next two months and be ready to service their new client. Your challenge is to be sure there is no decrease in their value of quality service.

Tell me how you would recruit, hire and train these 60 employees in the next two months.

Your paper should be between two and three pages double spaced.