Ase study related to Psychiatric Nursing Practice


This case study related to Psychiatric Nursing Practice unit. please answer the 3 questions. If you have any questions contact me please

Mr Jackson is a 45 yr old man admitted to hospital following an MVA.
Mr Jackson sustained multiple lacerations and a fractured right femur during the accident.
He has required surgical repair of his right femur
And multiple sutures to his lacerations.
Mr Jackson has been admitted to an orthopaedic ward.
During this admission Mr Jackson presents with low mood, poor appetite, and early morning wakening and reports weight loss
He has revealed to his nurse that he has recently lost his job, is currently going through a difficult divorce and may need to sell his house.
Mr Jackson also feels his children may be a€˜better offa€™ without him and believes he is a failure

1- List the physical and mental health issues presented by Mr Jackson.
2 Devise a plan of care to address Mr Jacksons physical and mental health needs.
3 Give rationales for strategies chosen.

a€? No more than two pages longcan be written up in point form
a€? Referenced
a€? Legible

You should use at least 5 journals article. 10 years old.
Send the journals articles to me when you finish writing this assignment.
Please write in short sentences and clear as I am not native speaker.