Ase study report on NEW PUBLIC MANAGMENT in the governance and management of the NHS

Case study needs to be broken down into the following sub headings with heading 3 and 4 having the main arguments.

1. Executive summary

#key arguments
#key facts future of the NPM WITHIN THE NHS

2. Introduction

#why we are focusing on new public management

3. Brief description NEW PUBLIC Management
Affect on economic, social, political change

# trends in the NPM
# Boundaries of NPM
# Briefly where NPM is used in other areas apart from NHS

4. Strengths and limitations the NEW PUBLIC MANAGEMENT within the NHS drawing on key aspects and theories

#why labour went towards NPM in the NHS
#why go private
#Strengths and limitations NPM WITHIN THE NHS.
#Understanding of sources.
#Ability to draw on a wide range of material.

5. Conclusion

#critically evaluate the principles and methods of NPM WITHIN THE NHS in the governance and management of social policy.
#Communicate effectively to a specified social policy audience.
#communicates information, ideas and arguments in writing in ways appropriate to the audience being addressed.
harvard style referencing need minmumum 15 refernces?

i have attached some books and journals that have to be included in word word file