Ase study report on Regulated Power Supply

1. Introduction:
In this section, you should define the notion of simple power supply with block diagram and
simple description of important subsections (e.g. transformer, rectifier etc). You may also
briefly mention the classification of different types of power supplies a their key
characteristics, advantages/disadvantages and applications. Close this section with the
structure of the report. You may use sub sections within this sections such as 1.1, 1.2.3

2. Circuit and Operation:
In this section, describe in detail important blocks of the regulated power supply with
theory and operation. You should key definitions, parameters and equations.
Also describe the operation of at least one popularly used regulated power supply IC with
circuit schematic.

3. Design and Simulation:
In this section, with mathematical equations and simulations (You may use Simetrix or
other any other software) you should show the end-to-end design of a regulated power
supply with your own specifications (e.g. 9V, 2A dc supply from 230 V rms mains).

4. Conclusion

5. References:
Please include at least two book references and two weblink references.

6. Appendix:
Appendix may summarize key derivation of complex equations, specification tables, list of
commercial regulated power supply ICs (e.g. 78xx, 79xx), characteristics of various ICs
through the study of IC datasheets (attach datasheet of at least one IC). It may include
table of electronic component suppliers in UK, and cost comparison of various power
supply ICs. Number of Appendix pages is excluded from 15 page limit but try to keep it to
as compact as possible. You may have more then one Appendix as well (e.g. Appendix A,
Appendix II etc).