Ase Study Response 2: Business Ethics and Issues of Employment

Length & format: at least three(but in full page) to five pages, typed, 12pt font, Times New Roman, MLA format.

For your Case Study Response 2, your response should: 1) present a case study for the audience, 2) illuminate the ethical issue involved, 3) discuss the potential damages for businesses dealing with such an issue, and 4) argue possible course of action in order to resolve it. You should also try to engage the theoretical articles that were discussed in class. If you have presented on any of these topics, you are free to use and expand that material as well.

I CHOOSE THIS OPTION: Business Ethics and Issues of Employment

For this option, you need to write a paper in response to ethical decisions/dilemmas that businesses face when dealing with employees. You can use a case study from our textbook or find a case study that best fits your discussion.

As you develop your argument, be mindful of the following:

Follow closely the standards of argument building that we discussed in classai??i??pay special attention to developing paragraphs around main ideas, writing smooth and well-developed intro and conclusion, delivering convincing arguments through polished and convincing prose well-suited for the professional world.
Provide enough summary of the case youai??i??re analyzing so that even a reader unfamiliar with it can follow your argument easily.
Make sure you clearly identify the salient ethical issues of the case.
View your response as a ai??i??position paperai??i?? in which your goal is to understand the context, to evaluate the evidence, and then to make a decision concerning the appropriate course of action.
Take a clear and decisive position on the questions you are arguing to convince your readers of your ethical point of view. Make sure that your response paper showcases your own position; do not simply regurgitate othersai??i?? opinions.
Formulate and suggest possible courses of action. Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of those actions, indicating which course of action you would choose, and why.

My professor cares about the introduction and conclusion that should be similar, but use different words, and they should be summaries the body of the essay you discuss.
Also, he also cares topic sentence for each paragraph.
Beside, he also cares the effectiveness of your argument(with counter-argument) and your stand. You should show your stand in the first paragraph.
In addition, I will attached 3 Case Studies from my textbook, you can response based on 1 of those, of find a more suitable case study that you find.

Thank you.