Ase Study Southwest Airlines: Price-Value Equation

Case Study Southwest Airlines: Price-Value Equation

Analyze the attached PDF file case study, Flint, P. (2006). The Price/Value equation. Air Transport World”, 43(12), 6-6.

Answer the following 3 questions in an essay format using APA 6th edition criteria and terminology from attached .docx file chapter 6 (Pricing and Revenue Management).

1.What benefits do airline customers seek when they buy air travel tickets?

2.Based on the article and your own knowledge has Southwest done a better job than competitors of meeting the needs of air travelers?

3.How has Southwest executed value-based pricing?

**Please use references using APA in-text citations. Case study needs to be written in essay format with at least three sections, a 150 word introduction, content, and wrap-up or summary. Also, the paper must be written in the U.S. English Language, using correct U.S. English grammar and spelling.**