Ase Study: Starbucks International Operations

The assessment is based upon a critical analysis of a particular live case study and is an individual piece of work.

Case Study: Starbucks International Operations

Note: The case study provides you with a platform upon which to develop your knowledge and understanding of the issues. It is your responsibility to explore additional material on the case study company and the issues stated in the assessment.

Task: The case study reveals that Starbucks international presence is extensive. However, Starbucks does not currently have a presence in Sweden, Bulgaria or Nigeria.

You are to provide a management report that addresses the following:

1) Using a range of appropriate market selection criteria, assess the attractiveness of these three geographic markets for Starbucks (40%).

2) Based on your research in question 1, reach a conclusion as to which one of these three markets would be most attractive for Starbucks to enter, and explain why (20%).

3) Based on your answer to question 2, what entry strategy would you recommend that Starbucks adopts to penetrate this market and why? (40%)

It is expected that you will use a wide range of reputable sources to inform your writing, including text books and academic journal articles to provide you with theoretical perspectives. It is important that you refer to theory to support your decisions, and reference your sources correctly throughout your work. Theory should be integrated within your report and applied to the case of Starbucks to support your work.

Your work must be set out in Report Format of not more than 20 pages of A4 (including Executive Summary, Introduction and Reference List). Use 12-point Arial and double-space your work. The 20 pages, however, excludes cover sheets, table of contents and Appendices (however you are only permitted three pages of appendices).

Any tables/diagrams used must be linked to the main body of text.

Your work must be fully referenced in the Harvard format, throughout the report. A complete list of references is required.