Ase Study: The BP Oil Spill and Mental Health

Please read the attached case study PDF file labeled -Case_26_The_BP_Oil_Spill_and_Mental_Health and answer the 6 (Six) questions that follow the case study reading on page 688. Please just number each question answered(1-6)on the case study paper *DO NOT REWRITE THE QUESTIONS ON THE DOCUMENT* Here are the 6 (Six) questions that follow (for your reference):

1. What are the ethical issues in this case?

2. Who are the stakeholders and how are they impacted by this situation?

3. Do you agree with Feinbergi??s assertion that you have to draw the line somewhere?

4. Do you agree with Feinbergi??s decision rule? His expectation is that there be a signature physical injury is consistent with tort law. Does that affect your answer?

5. Feinberg does not have jurisdiction over claims by states and municipalities. Do you believe his assessment of the place of mental health damages should apply to their claims as well?

6. If you were responsible for determining the validity of claims, what would you do? How would you explain your reasoning? What ethical concepts or principles would guide your thinking?

Please answer each question completely based on business legal, ethical, and stakeholder management! Use APA 6th Edition format. Please also use the correct U.S. English language, grammar, and spelling when answering each question

TEXTBOOK: Business & Society : Ethics, Sustainability, and Stakeholder Management. Archie B. Carroll / Ann K. Buchholtz 8th Edition / South-Western Cengage Learning

For your reference, I am including a link to the entire textbook (previous version). This link is for the 7th Edition, but it is similar to the above 8th Edition in regards to the chapter contents.