ASE STUDY: The SNOW Mountain Hotel, Human Resource Mananagement

Coursework Assignment

You have been hired as consultant to the HR team in SNOW Mountain Hotel. You are required to write a report to advise the HR team on the way forward by addressing the key HR issues and challenges arising from the new strategic orientation of its parent organisation. Drawing upon and referencing relevant theories and models of HRM, your report should include the following:

1. An explanation of the business partner model and the advantages and disadvantages of using this model (600 words). (301, 302, 536
2. A critical appraisal of the use of shared service centres and the removal of on-site HR professionals (600 words).
3. A critical examination of the practicality of devolving HR responsibilities to line managers (600 words).

Use the following format when writing your report:

Table of Contents

Introduction (100 words)

Clear statement of purpose
Context of report (both theoretical and organisational)
Clear statement of proceedings (to provide a brief overview of the following sections)

Body (1800 words)

Business Partner Model (600 words)

Explanation of business partner model
Internal and external drivers of the business partner model
Value to the business (strategic orientation; integration of hard and soft approaches to HRM; impact on bottom-line performance and productivity)
Potential disadvantages of implementing the model

The use of centralised shared service centres (600 words)

Explanation of shared service centres
Internal and external drivers for developing shared service centres
Benefits and drawbacks

Devolution of HR Responsibilities to the Line Managers (600 words)

Meaning and aim of devolution to the line
Benefits and drawbacks
Practical issues to be addressed to ensure HR and line managers are fully engaged

Conclusion (100 words)

Summary of key issues raised
Final comments reinforcing importance of report and pointing to the way forward

List of References (adhering to the Harvard Referencing Style)
Appendices (if appropriate)

NB a In writing your report, you must demonstrate that you have referred to relevant academic sources and that you are able to apply the theory covered in lectures and tutorials to the case study. You must adhere to the Harvard Referencing Style. You should also refer to the marking criteria to make sure that your report meets the requirements for a pass at this level of study.

Referencing Requirements:
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Foot, M. and Hook C. (2011) Introducing Human Resource Management, (6th Edition). Harlow: FT Prentice Hall.

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(NB: You can buy separate chapters of this book via their website).

Marchington and Wilkinson (2005) Human Resource Management at Work, London: CIPD.