Ase Study to Promote Critical Reasoning

I need to answer questions regarding a case study. Below is the case study and the questions follows. Also I need 2 citations with 2 references.Thank You in Advance

A not for profit hospice center in a small community received a generous gift from a grateful family of a patient who had died recently. The family asked only that money be put to the best use possible. Everyone in this small facility had an opinon about the best use for the money. The administrator wanted to renovate the old run down headquarters, the financial officer wanted to put the money in the bank for a rainy day, The chaplin wanted to add a small chapel to the building, the nurses wanted to create a food bank to help the poorest of their clients, the social workers wanted to buy a van to transport clients to healtcare providers. The staff agreed that all the ideas had merit,that all the needs identified were important ones. Unfortunately, there was enough money to meet only one. The more the staff members discussed how to use the gift the more insistent each group became that their ideas was best. At there last meeting, it was evident that some were becoming frustrated and that others were becoming angry. It was rumored that a shout match between the administrator and the financil officer had occured.

1.In your analysis of this situation, identify the sources of the conflict that are developing in this facility.
2.What kind of leadership actions are needed to prevent the escalation of this conflict?
3.If the conflict does escalate how could it be resolve?
4.Which Idea do you think has the most merit? Why did you select the one you did?
5.Try role playing a negotiation among the administrator, the financial officer,the chaplin,a representative of the nursing staff, and a representative of the social work staff. Can you suggest a creative solution?