Ase Study Topic about risk management of events or meeting

1. This is not a case study analysis. You just need to search the internet and help me find several sources to decide my case study topics and then write down one or two paragraphs to state what is the case and how should we develop the case analysis, maybe with some bullet points. Webpage sources are fine for this time.
2. What cases or research you should do:
choose a crisis or legal dispute that has affected the meetings or events (or seriously affected a single meeting, event, or sports event).
3. After approved by the professor, the real case analysis will be conducted. But I hope you can hep me to find the resources or decide the topic first. Then if it is good and approved by professor. I ll ask you again to help me write the case analysis.
Here are some requirements about the case study:
A case analysis is expected to be 5-7 double-spaced pages long and well organized with headers and clear explanations of what occurred, how it was handled, the outcome, and the fallout (e.g., a regulation was changed, an annual event was discontinued, etc.). Include a list of resources that pertain not only to the case itself but to key issues in the case (e.g., if your case is a specific attrition dispute, include a resource list for further learning about attrition).