Ase Study: U.S. launches new trade action against India over solar program.


Describe the case in a few sentences.
Briefly identify the key issue(s) facing the manager/key person or the company/institution.
Express how your paper will be organized, i.e., identify what the major sections will be and the sequence in which they will be presented.
III. Establishing of Stakeholders Problem(s) and Goal(s)
For each stakeholder (all parties involved), identify problems in the case and the cause of those issues.
Identify the goals of each stakeholder.
Identify the key problem(s) that must be solved.
Identify and connect the original causes of the problem(s).
IV. Analysis of the problem, solution, implementation, and justification of your solution
In this analysis, apply theories and models text, readings, and/or other material (YouTube videos, websites etc.).

Support for your argument is expected in order to solve the issue. Explain your argument with references and use appropriate terms, theories, models, and/or research findings as evidence for the case.
Include two or three possible alternative solutions and the criteria involved to develop those solutions.
V. Conclusion
Briefly summarize the essential difficulties posed in this case and the relevance of recommended solutions.