Tonya was a 23 year old female in the Air Force. She describes herself as in excellent health, working out weekly. She reports having close ties to her family and no history of mental health issues including abuse or drugs or alcohol. She reports having growing up in an average home with no difficultly in high school or making friends and her IQ is high average. She has recently become engaged to another AF member she had been dating for over a year.
The client presented at the outpatient mental health clinic describing the feeling of cats walking on her body. She has experienced this 5 times in the last 2 weeks. Each time she had been sleeping and was awakened with the sensation. She initially thought she was dream but now has decided she was fully awake. These client states she feels a?crazya? and has no idea why this is happening. She is noticeable distraught and sleep deprived. She reported she has not slept more than a few hours in the last several days for fear the sensation would happen again. The client was stabilized and given anti-anxiety medications. The client agreed to go home and attempt a normal sleep cycle for 2 days and then come back to the clinic for an intake interview.
After several sessions with this member she reveals being the victim of rape shortly after high school but before joining the AF. She never reported the rape to authorities and has only told one close friend and recently her fiancA©. Subsequently this client described symptom that did meet the clinical criteria for PTSD for the year following the rape but does not currently meet the criteria and hasnat for a few years.
Over the next several months the client continued in therapy and continued to have the hallucinations with no predictable pattern. The client improved her ability to manage her emotional response to the sensation by using self-talk and relaxation techniques when it occurred but was not able to fall back asleep on the nights this happened.
The patient used journaling as a way to track what had happened during the day each time she experienced a hallucination at night.
Which important points in the Psychoanalytical Theory of counseling were illustrated in this case study
Use APA citation style
Use one reference from Theory and Practice of counseling and Psychotherapy by Gerald Corey (2005) ISBN 0495102083. Use one other reference. One page of 250 words.