Ase Study Write up (Dont have any topic)

Hi, I am so busy and happened to not have enough time to write this case study write up. So,,, I will ask you for help _br /
I will add the entire case separately. br /
I need to write a 2-page case study write up with 5 paragraphs. (please refer to the sample I added.)br /
1.Basic Problembr /
2.Support for Basic Problembr /
3.Five alternate Recommendations(I need advantage & disadvantage for each of them!!)br /
4.Best Recommendationbr /
5.Methods of Implementationbr /
And I also need 1 or 2 general questions about the entire case at the /
*I will add an sample that I did for this class so you have better understanding of how to write this paper. 🙂