Ase Study:Business Language for Intercultural and International Communication

Annotated Bibliography
Select a case to be studied from the resources available in the UMUC library databases, design a research question to apply to that case and develop an annotated reference list of no fewer than five articles from peer-reviewed journals found in the UMUC library databases. Students may, in the course of further researching the case and topic, augment the peer reviewed articles with articles from other sources provided that the majority of research is conducted in peer-reviewed sources. If the student is taking UCSP 611 concurrent with MGMT 610 it is recommended that the topic of this assignment be the same as the topic for the UCSP 611 assignment. However, the annotated reference list and the final Research Paper must be for this course and submitted according to the standards established for this course.


by Joe Rawson (Information and Library Services, UMUC) revised by Clare Miller (Information and Library Services, UMUC), 7/20/2011

There are many different ways to create an annotated reference list (bibliography). To familiarize yourself with some of the different types of annotated reference lists, read the information at the following Web sites:

How to Write an Annotated Bibliography (UMUC)
How to Prepare an Annotated Bibliography (from Cornell University)
Annotated Bibliography (from University of Wisconsina Madison)
The annotations you will create for a research paper will be critical annotations. Each entry in your annotated reference list should include:

A citation of the source in correct APA format
An annotation that includes
the scope and purpose of the work
a brief description of the content of the source (2-3 sentences)
information explaining the authoritativeness of the author
What are his/her credentials and the quality of the research?
Is the author an expert in the field?
Has the author written other articles on the topic? (Many of the databases include links to the authors that provide a listing of other articles written by them. Some articles provide the authors academic credentials.)
evaluation of the scholarly value of the article
Is it in a scholarly journal?
Does it have a reference list consisting mainly of scholarly resources?
evaluation of the objectivity of the article
Does the article present more than one point of view?
Does the author support sttements s/he makes with facts or evidence or are his/her statements unsubstantiated?
an assessment of the relevance and usefulness of the source to your research question
Sample Annotated Reference List Entry

Research question: In a global environment is it important to understand cultural differences to promote quality management and collaborative teamwork?

Vecchi, A., & Brennan, L. (2011). Quality management: A cross-cultural perspective based on the GLOBE framework. International Journal of Operations & Production Management, 31(5), 527-553. doi:10.1108/01443571111126319

This article summarizes the results of a survey aimed at determining whether quality management is a?culture-specific.a? The survey responses of managers at 641 companies in 21 countries were evaluated using the global leadership and organizational behavior (GLOBE) framework. The authors conclude that some cultures are more favorable for quality management implementation, and argue that managers can use this knowledge to a?better understand how to transfer best quality management practicesa? (p. 545) across cultures. One of the authors, Louis Brennan, a professor in the School of Business at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, has authored or coauthored over 50 peer-reviewed articles, including several studying the significance of culture to management. The other author, Alessandra Vecchi, is Senior Research Fellow a Management at the London College of Fashion. She has coauthored 11 journal articles, as well as numerous book chapters, on the subject of management. Total quality management is one of her specific research interests. This article is published in a scholarly journal and has an extensive reference list of mainly scholarly articles. The authors conclusions are supported by evidence and facts from the survey. The literature review and survey data illustrate my research premise that it is important to understand and take into consideration cultural differences when attempting to establish quality management and teamwork in a multicultural work environment. I can use the data and conclusions to illustrate the arguments I will make in my paper.