Ase study/court case of Alyssa Bustamante

Student s must complete a research paper on a case of their choosing involving a juvenile offender. Each paper needs to have at least 5 pages, APA format, size 12 font and times new romans.
Case scuold include:
who, what, when, where, why Motive”, how and detail of the legal outcome of the case.
I choose Alyssa Bustamante because her case was very controvertial and because of the way the police learned about her crime. she bragged about killing people on MySpace website. The crime took place in 10/29/2009, she killed a nine year old girl and she was sentenced to life in prison.
I will need information about this case because i will need to do a power point presentation about the case.
The following website has lots of the actual court documents regarding the case.
Media has lots of other detail regarding the case.
Detail about the victim would also help.
Alyssa childhood history.
You can call me if you have any question.