Ase Study:Sex, Violence and Transgression

This assignment is designed to gauge your general understanding of the course concepts and your ability to apply them critically to a specific example/s from media and/or social discourse. The assignment is to be completed as a formal essay with footnoting, bibliography etc.

Select an example/s of a representation of violence from the news media (e.g. current affairs programs, newspapers a both online and in print) or film/television*. You might want to look for examples that relate to the topics we have covered so far, e.g. queerphobic violence, rape, pornography, BDSM etc.

Analyse your example using at least TWO of the central concepts that we have examined in the course to date. Examples include: power/knowledge, discipline, discourse, normalisation, heteronormativity etc.

Aim to demonstrate an understanding of how violence is represented in a way that is never a?neutrala, that is, is inflected by culture, and shapes our understanding of the a?subjectsa and a?subject positionsa involved in these events.

You may also/alternatively wish to draw on some of the secondary concepts that we have touched on: repression, consent, panopticism, safety maps, visibility, difference etc.
You have the option of applying your chosen concepts to a single example or alternatively, doing a comparative study using two or more examples. Should you choose the second option, each example must be covered in some depth in relation to your chosen concepts.

You will be assessed according to the criteria on the back of the Gender Studies Assignment Cover Sheet. All assignments must have a coversheet attached with the plagiarism declaration signed.

Use standard essay formatting with introduction, body of argument and conclusion. All cited work must be referenced appropriately in text and listed in your bibliography.