Ase StudyWendling v Puls, 610 P.2d 580

Double spaced and should include the following five (5) sections:
Procedural History, Facts, Issue, Answer/Holding, Reasoning and Disposition.

Procedural history
This is a brief synopsis of the holdings of any previous courts and the
disposition of the case by this court.

This is the who, what, when, where, and why of the case. Remember, this a
brief, so you can just summarize.

These are the questions that were presented to the appellate court for
determination. They should be worded as questions.

This is generally the issue presented, rephrased as a statement, either in
the affirmative or the negative, with a brief explanation as to this

This is the most important section of the brief, which explains why the
court decided the way that they did.

The final determination of the matter, generally, affirmed, reversed, or