Asey Study Pt. 1: The Adolescent Years of Regina Stuart

Describe your character based on the information you have been given in class. You may add any details that you wish and/or be as creative as you wish. 5%
Describe the characteristics/tasks that are typical of adolescence (first paper) and adulthood (second paper). 15%
Discuss how your character is likely to experience the stage based on personal characteristics (e.g., personality characteristics), contextual features (grew up in a family with a low SES), and his or her experiences (e.g., best friend committed suicide).
It is critical that you provide a clear rationale for your ideas based on theory and research. Also, do not assume that I know all the literature. Explain ideas to me as if I have minimal prior knowledge. This will allow you to demonstrate that you understand the material. For example, if you are discussing individualization theory, include a few sentences that describe the main tenets of the theory. 55%
APA style, reference page 10%
Writing clarity and organization 15%

General Tips:
a? Utilize a minimum of 5 outside sources and 6-7 references from class. Outside sources can either supplement topics we have covered in class (e.g., family conflict) OR explore a topic that you are interested in that we have not covered. For example, if you are interested in learning disabilities, you could present your character as someone who struggles in school.
a? Avoid citing secondary sources!
a? The style/organization of the paper is up to you. You can write the paper as a case study, a?short story,a? profile, letter, or in some other form. It can be in present tense a?Gertrude is able to regulate her emotions in most circumstances; however, her lack of social skills make friendship formation difficult. Research suggests thata¦a? or past tense, a?Gertrude came from a divorced family so it is not surprising that she displayed internalizing behaviors. Research suggests that thata¦a?

Here is the intro to my case study: PLEASE USE THIS INTRO!!
Regina Stuart is a small and meek 16 year old Caucasian girl living in the grand city of Chicago, Illinois. She leads what seems to be a normal social life in the eyes of outsiders, but at home there is struggle. Reginaas mother, Clara, is a full-time waitress. Working double shifts takes its toll, and for Regina being the only child, sheas left alone for most of the time. The whereabouts of Reginaas father are unknown, and quite frankly, she doesnat even really care to know where he is. Struggling to make ends meet is does not bother Regina entirely; she does everything she can to help her mother out around the house. Itas the familial conflicts and losses in her life that wear her down so low that not even her love for God can even fix.
About four months ago, Regina got a phone call from her best friend Sam. It was a daunting phone call. Regina knew that Sam had been going through some serious troubles over the last few years; getting two abortions, abusing prescription drugs, being victimized by every bully, and dropping out of school. Although Reginaas strong faith in God prevents her from acknowledging these risky behaviors, she loves Sam and will support her no matter what. The night of that phone call made Regina realize that something wasnat right. Sam did not sound like herself, and this frightened Regina. Through the buzzing sound of the phone, Regina listened to Sam as she poured her heart out; wishing she kept those two babies, feeling immense hatred for her family and life. In the back of Reginaas mind she was praying. Praying for Sam to realize what life has to offer. Praying for her to love again. Regina hangs up the phone and immediately heads over to the distraught teens house. Upon arriving, she discovers something completely out of reality and not even close to what she can comprehend; Samas limp body dangling from a noose tied to a pipe along the ceiling of the basement.

MORE DETAILS: Talk about Reginas life and the struggles she faces. I will provide sources for you to use in order to help talk about Reginas life and the struggles she faces. Regina is a young Caucasian girl with a low SES, child of a single parent and strong believer in God. She has had a normal stage of puberty. She has family conflicts between her fathers side of the family and her mother. Regina is close with her cousin Brad who is a member of her fatheras side of the family, but because her father abandoned them, Reginaas mother Clara forbids Regina and Brad to see eachother. Regina also takes to blogging a lot with her struggles.