Aspect of the difference between academic writing and business writing.

Write a paper (minimum 500 words) in which you discuss a specific element a aspect of the difference between academic writing and business writing.

Your audience for this paper is your classmates.

You should use a a?business writinga approach to organize the paper a basic a?memoa format using the direct pattern.

You must include three sources: one is the assigned article and the other two demonstrate your ability to draw from personal experience for examples to support your analysis a information.

Please use the following article as your a?scholarlya source:

Egan, M. (1998). A new approach to business writing. Journal of Workplace Learning, 10 (1), n.d.
[available through the ASU research database ABI / INFORM Global;
in the Basic Search window, key in Egan a new approach to business writing ]

In addition to the article, you need to locate your own sources that clearly illustrate academic writing and business writing. You need to use examples from these sources to support your analysis.

A scholarly article written by a professor is a good example of academic writing; form letters from a credit card company or the instructional material on a company website are good examples of business a professional writing.

Your paper should be in a?memoa format and use the direct pattern.

Your paper should be informative, informal, and objective (effectively use the research as supporting evidence).

Consider context as your focus a specifically, the role audience or purpose plays in the execution of effective written communication, and how and why audience or purpose controls individual writing elements like vocabulary, format, sentence length, and so on.

Select either audience or purpose as your focus, and then identify and use two writing elements to demonstrate how and why the audience or purpose effects a difference between academic writing and business writing.

Note: Please do not simply summarize the scholarly source. A summary is a separate exercise covered later in the semester. Your goal for this assignment is to clearly and effectively inform your classmates why a specific aspect of written communication is different in a business context than in an academic context.

For this specific assignment, the critical elements are

the application of appropriate and effective business formatting and writing
the establishment of an important difference
the identification of appropriate elements
the effective analysis and explanation of each factor with examples
the demonstration of your understanding through the clear communication of HOW and WHY each element does what it does to illustrate and support the focus a the difference between academic writing and business writing

The Writing Process

Step One Prewriting

Think on paper.
Generate possible topics a ideas.
Use personal experience to identify academic writing issues.
Use the library databases to search and locate an appropriate scholarly journal article.

Step Two Composing

Prepare a a?workinga outline using the direct pattern.
Incorporate the support a personal experience and scholarly evidence.
Write the paper.

Step Three Revision

Read the paper out loud a listen for flow and cohesion.
Listen as someone else reads the paper.
Make necessary revisions for content a clarity a support.
Review for organization a structure.
Edit for grammar a spelling a sentence construction.

Step Four Wrap Up

Complete the finished First Submission.
Bring the First Submission to class for the workshop on Monday, January 27, 2014.
aaaaComplete and post the First Submission to Blackboard by 11:59 p.m. on Monday, January 27, 2014.

Step Five Completion

aaaaReview the workshop and instructor comments.