Assignment) A narrative essay on something of interest to me Travel

Assignment: Tell me a story--about something of interest to you. [Narration”]

I have difficulty with open ended subjects like this but ideas that crossed my mind include; something about traveling

a?a road trip around New Zealand with my boyfriend,

a?driving around lost in a foreign country on the wrong side of the road,

a?efforts to see a Kiwi bird in person or an All Blacks rugby match,

a?the cultural urban experience in a world capitol of a foreign county

a?maybe the magic of traveling at air speed a and how I can wake up in Salt Lake City, UT this morning and go to see the Caribbean Sea in Placencia, Belize before I sleep tonight

a?I have uploaded (although I am not sure how yet) a travel journal from my trip to Belize but Itas not really essay quality writing a if you think it could be edited into something for this assignment that would be acceptable too.

And maybe I am just thinking about this assignment wrong and you may not require any input from me to produce something I can easily be convinced of a subject easier to write a narrative essay on, with a suggestion.