Astronomy subject] Picturing star birth and death

Picturing star birth and death. Images of stellar birthplaces (molecular clouds) and death places (e.g., planetary nebulae and supernova remnants) can be strikingly beautiful, but only a few such imagers are included in Chapter 9. Search the web for at least 10 other examples (5 of star birth and 5 of star death) taken in different wavelengths of light. Include the specific web address (NOT THE HUGELY LONG GOOGLE IMAGE ADDRESS USE REMOVE FRAMEto get to the original web site for the information!!!) as well as such information as the wavelength of light that the image represents (radio, infrared, visual, ultraviolet, x-ray), what the object is, where it is located in the sky, how far away it is, which telescope took the image, and other characteristics that the astrophysicists include. You do NOT need to include any actual images; your instructor will simply follow the links you provide.
Youll find there are lots of Life-and-deathsituations occurring in the Universe!

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