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From Tools of Science, Page 43 of Fundamentals”: Telescopes

Galileo was the first to turn a telescope to the sky, built one of his own; Newton discovered most of the secrets of light and optics. We can leap from these accomplishments, at least mentally! Lets imagine you were given $2000 to purchase a telescope. There are many on-line retailers that would be pleased to help you out. Find a telescope that you would buy with that money. What kind of a telescope is it? What features does it have? How large of an aperture does it have, and what is the focal length of the objective lens or primary mirror? Would you choose a refracting telescope or a reflecting telescope? Would you use part of the money on accessories? Be sure to provide details on your final Purchase,including the retail merchant you chose.
You may wish to first review an article from the magazine Sky & Telescope: How to Choose a Telescope.

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