Ata Analysis, Conclusion, and Plan of Action (recommendation)

hi! i need a writer whos good in writing action research paper and if possible, i want him/her to have a background about education. thanks!

i need a 3 page for the data analysis or result analysis. in order to come up with the data analysis please refer to the attached file. please look at the data given and please connect it with the review of related literature. connecting the review of related literature is very important because we need the data analysis to be back up by research. if the writer cannot connect the review of related literature in the attached file, he/she can do additional research but please make sure that he/she will put it in the rev lit so that we wont be plagiarized. (it is better if he/she can find an empirical study the same with our topic.)

i need a 1 page conclusion and a 1 page plan of action or recommendation. in the recommendation or plan of action, the writer can propose a change to the strategy.

*please try to follow the construction of our sentences.thanks!

feel free to ask questions.thanks a lot!