Ata analysis III: preparation of a scientific paper

Require a small number of figures to be generated. The abstract should be approx. 150 words. The introduction and discussion should be around 300-500 words each. General information for these sections should be obtained from textbooks (biochemistry, fifth Edition, Berg et al., eds., Molecular Biology of the Cell, forth edition, Alberts et al.,eds. or Lehninger principles of Biochemistry, third Edition, Nelson & Cox eds. are reasonable places to start) or journal publications (review articles are ideal) via the web. Wikipaedia is not allowed. The Results section, describing the experiments, should contain enough information so that the reader can clearly understand the purpose of the experiment and the results. You are not required to include a Material and Methods section. References should be listed in a bibliography in the format described for the journal-you should limit these to no more than ten citation.Abstractbr /
Should succinctly and clearly describe the major findings reported in the /
br /
Abstract:br /
Avoid specialized terms and use only approved acronyms. All others must be spelled out on the first /
br /
Introduction:br /
Presents the purpose of the study and its relationship to earlier work in the /
Should not be an extensive review of the /
Usually less than one formatted /
br /
Results:br /
Presented in figures, tables, or /
br /
Discussionbr /
Concise (usually less than two formatted pages).br /
Focused on the interpretation of the resultsbr /
Should not repeat information in the a?Resultsa? /
br /
References:br /
Cited in text by number /
References should include article /
Numbered consecutively in the order of /
If you use EndNote version 5 or earlier, you must update the JBC EndNote style. (See Updating EndNote, below, for instructions.)br /
When using the EndNote plugin in Microsoft Word, you will have to manually add the DOI after the journal title for all e-pub references (see reference example 3).br /
Journal names are abbreviated according to PubMed. (After updating your JBC style in EndNote, in order to ensure proper journal name abbreviations, see Updating EndNote, below, for instructions.)br /
Authors are responsible for the accuracy of the /
br /
Small but realistic grammer and spelling mistakes are allowed