Ata Analysis International Market Research & Forecast Background

Assessment Task 2
Data analysis-International Market Research & Forecast Background

You are a new marketing manager employed by Company X (A small business of your choice) to conduct market intelligence into overseas markets that have the potential to increase the profitability of the organisation with your selected service or product.

Refer to Assessment Resource L9/08/11-V1 on Study Smart (See workbook session 5 in attachments), download and complete the SWOT analysis, competitive analysis and PESTEL analysis. Refer to the following website: Culturalbr /
iv. Technologybr /
v. Legal environmentbr /
vi. Environmental

b. A Competitor Analysis
c. A completed SWOT analysis with sufficient information about the company and listing 2-3 or more strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities and sufficient information when combining the elements (i.e., SO, SW, TS, WT)
d. 1-2 paragraphs relating to how the organisation will capitalise on the target countrys opportunities
e. 1-2 paragraphs relating to how the organisation will manage the organisations weaknesses against external threats

Consider the advantages and disadvantages of using different forecasting techniques including the ones used for this analysis.

Other websites that may assist you

CofacePortal/AU/en_EN/pages/home/risks_home/c ountry_risksbr /
Overview: This site provides the student with the economic and risk profiles of particular countries. Search viaConsult Risk assessment by /