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Successful data analysis, whether it be qualitative (the interpretation of text) or quantitative (the interpretation of numbers) requires the following;
1) An understanding of a number of data analysis techniques, and planning data analysis early in a project and making revisions in the plan as the work develops;

2) An understanding of which data analysis technique and which methods will best answer the study questions posed, given the data that have been collected;

3) An understanding of how weaknesses in the data or data analysis technique and data interpretation will affect the conclusions that can properly be drawn.

You are required to:
Conduct and provide evidence on a survey of your choice. The survey should demonstrate how the use of software such as Excel and data analysis techniques such as averages, standard deviation, percentages and correlation can help you produce meaningful information.

Students are required to provide a portfolio of work to evidence their understanding of data analysis techniques and the framework for statistical analysis in a managerial context. The portfolio should follow the basic steps in a data analysis plan, and include the following;

1. Definition of the specific problem or question or topic to be surveyed
a. students are required to detail the rationale and aims of the analysis (circa 500 words)
2. Collection of the data
a. students are required to design a questionnaire,
b. evidence the sampling technique used,
c. include a selection of completed questionnaires.
3. Analysis of the data
a. collation of data
b. use of statistical techniques such as measures of dispersion and location to analysis data
4. Report the results
a. presentation of the findings using appropriate diagrammatic methods ie graphs/charts
b. commentary on findings
5. Draw conclusions
a. comment on the appropriateness of the techniques used,
b. limitations of the survey,
c. make recommendations (circa 1000 words)

Assessment Criteria:

The Data Analysis portfolio will contribute towards 50% of the overall unit mark.

Within each section marks will be awarded for;
a? The use of statistical terminology and formulae, applying principles and concepts of statistical analysis to data
a? Communication of conclusions arising from the analysis of numerical information
a? The use of commonly used IT applications, such as Excel
a? Overall presentation