Ata Analytics and Understanding Big Data

) Find five web examples of bad graphic visualization and five good ones (provide screen shots). In all instances try to describe why you think they are good or bad design. For one of the bad example try to propose an alternative solution based on best practice for data visualization and graphic design discussed in class (refer to the pdf files I have uploaded on moodle in the help section for critical analyze).

2) Discuss the pitfalls of designing dashboard with some examples (500 words max)

Ata Analytics and Understanding Big Data

Information Systems
Create an annotated bibliography centred on a subject of your choice that has been covered during the semester (data analytics and visualization or big data). Review at least 5-6 papers from either peer review journals or serious articles in well publish online journals or it could also be multimedia content like audio podcasts or videos (no Wikipedia content). For example when you start your literature review imagine that you are a researcher and you need to read articles that relate to your own research interest (identify a research question and try to research about it to narrow your topic) (1500 words max)
Choose one topic from below and review within a business context. How it can be applied to business (Science and Research, Environment and Climate, Medicine and Health, Communications and Computing, Manufacturing and Industry or Others). The 5 papers should follow common thread (all within the field of AI for example but can relate to different business sector or the same if you wish all could be either in Medicine or Medicine and Manufacturing for example)

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
2. Big Data and data base
3. Data Visualisation
4. Big Data and large companies
5. Technology for Big Data

Example of annotated bibliography for the task (follow this format for the articles you are reviewing): you can refer to