Ata Breach Risk Mitigation of a Wine Sellers Point-of-Sale and Online Shopping Cart.


i?? Read and make proper corrections as needed, but keep all material submitted before.
i?? APA Style
i?? Add 6 new reference
i?? Add 4 additional pages as follow up:
– Keep in mind that The body of the proposal should be six-pages long (not including title page, Table of Contents & Reference).
– All text for this assignment should be word-processed (letter or correspondence-quality font), New Times Roman or Calibri, 12 point, double space and standard margins.
– Iti??s a professional report, try to make it look nicer with title page that includes colors, and appear more appealing to executives
– Make sure to include more references in support of all your claims. You make many claims in the early part of the draft with very (if any) backing references
– Make sure to incorporate the NIST cybersecurity framework phases into your RMA and discussions
– Also, ensure to include a figure that illustrate the NIS cybersecurity framework cycle
– Conclusions are under developed