Ata Communications assignment Bluetooth (my reference: azz2)

Dear writer,

This is an assignment in Data Communications. The student has chosen Bluetooth as a topic to write about.

The assignment brief is simply to Choose an area of data communications which is of interest to you [Bluetooth was chosen] and write about it, outlining the underlying technology behind it. You will produce materials equivalent to 1000 words.”

The Learning Outcomes expected from this module are:
Knowledge and Understanding:
1. Describe how data is represented in digital form and exchanged between devices using a variety of wired and wireless media.
2. Demonstrate an understanding of the operation of the main types of local and wide area networks, comparing their relative merits.
3. Demonstrate familiarity with current and future trends and possible convergence of digital communication and broadcast systems.
Intellectual, practical, affective and transferable skills:
4. Familiarity with the terms and acronyms used in the industry, enabling effective communication with other IT professionals at formal and informal levels.

So, in addition to describing how Bluetooth works, and maybe a very brief history, technical details of Data Communications in Bluetooth (such as frequency and area etc which is most important), devices used today etc, please also be neutrally critical and touch on the Pros and Cons of it, and its limitations. For example, things such as security, speed, maybe things such as effect on device battery life etc (you find out please). Also, based on learning outcome 3, to do with current and future trends, please do mention what the future of Bluetooth is expected to be like, future technical development, and likelihood for still being used and in which fields or devices.

Please note that I will review the work before I pass it on to the student, to make sure it meets all the requirements, so lets hope we can avoid the need for major revision requests.

I have put the number of sources as 7, but thats as an indication only, more or less, so feel free to use the references you consider sufficient.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact me.