Ata generation:Qualitive Methods (inclusive education)

Im studying Masters in Education Research. This is an essay on the module called Data generation:Qualitive Methods.
This piece of work will focus on the process of generating qualitative data and the issues that you, as a researcher, have to take into account during this process.
My essay should be set out as follows:
My research questions are :
To examine methods of implementation of Inclusive education
To find out teacher perceptions on inclusive education
To find out what are the effective methods of implementing inclusive education.(interview a teacher working in a special school and observe the way the pupils interact in the class.)
-your research design and your justification for this. E.G why did you choose to approach your research in a particular way? how did you design your research instrument and why did you do it in this way? Who did you interview/observe and why? How did the different aspects of your research design help you to address your research questions?
-your reflections on the research process-E.g what went well, what did not go well? What issues did you encounter and how did you deal with them? What did you learn from the experience about your role as a researcher, the research process, and ways of generating qualitative data? How might this inform your future work?
–you may wish to comment briefly on analysis and finding as appropriate. For example, you might use these to illustrate your reflections on the research process or to highlight instances where your analysis has informed your data generation strategy and vice versa. however, the focus of the assignment is firmly on issues in data generation.
–throughout the assignment, you will be expected to address issues which have been raised during the course, and to refer to the literature on qualitative research methods and research design. For example, in addition to the questions posed above, some of the issues you might want to consider include:
-how did your interviews and observations relate to each other?
-what ethical issues did you have to take into consideration and how did you deal with these?
-how did you deal with your position as a researcher during the data generation process?
-what steps did you take to try to ensure the trustworthiness of your data?
*in appendices please include the questions and answers of the interview and the data collection of the observation in the classroom.
*please follow the structure.
*i remain at your disposal for any further information or clarification.