Ata Handling and Interpretation (Excel exercise)

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An Excel spreadsheet (Flow_data_Msc) contains daily river flow data (expressed in cubic metres per second [Cumecs] for the River South Tyne for the period 1989-1990 (excluding 1994).

Question: Data Handling, Statistical Analysis and Interpretation

I. Open the Excel sheet and selecting any three annual data sets use an appropriate graph to show the daily variation in discharge.

II. Explain how discharge varies throughout the year. Here you should note when high rates of discharge (also known as peak flows) and low rates of discharge occur, and whether any obvious patterns emerge on a yearly basis.

III. For the whole data set (1989 and 1999) derive mean monthly values and plot the results on an appropriate graph to show how monthly discharge figures over the specified timescale. Remember to include all monthly mean values on the spreadsheet provided.

IV. Perform an analysis of Variation (ANOVA) on the mean monthly data to determine if variations in mean monthly discharge figures are statistically significant over the decadal scale. You will need to fully discuss the result emerging.

V. Perform a time series analysis to determine the trend, seasonal effects and any notable cyclical events. You need to justify the duration of the moving average i.e. the use of a 3or 5-month (or longer) moving average you need to offer a full explanation. Remember to include all moving average figures on the spreadsheet provided.

The FINAL piece of work needs to be submitted as a REPORT. Include:
a brief introduction, discussion of results and trends, and a short conclusion. You will also need to include a copy of your SPREADSHEET, which contains columns of data showing Monthly Means, the results of ANOVA, and Monthly Mean Values.
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