Ata Management: Data Warehousing and Data Mining

Is Data warehousingonly a fancy name for never being able to throw anything away? Well, there are elements of that. Data management and data storage capacities have grown exponentially in recent years. When information storage was a high-cost item, there were incentives to cull ones store of retained things; today, storage costs are often if not always less than the costs of culling. Interestingly, smaller organizations have always had a closer rein on their data, simply because they had less of it and their people could stay closer to it. Now, the largest organizations can potentially cuddle up to their databases just like Mom and Pop, Whether they actually do so, or just allow their data warehouses to become the equivalent of Grandmas attic, is a strategic decision (or non-decision) made (or not made) in many ways and at many points in time.

Required Research:

**Paper Topic**
Please choose between one and three of these solutions each module and create a 2 page report on:

1)What do you think is the purpose of the tool represented?
2)What business issues are being addressed?
3)What do you think can be learned from these tools?
4)In what situations do you think these tools are useful?
5)How can and/or could you apply these tools in your organization, career, or personal life? (Note: I am not looking for a long essay on this but rather than you have critically thought,about and applied the concepts discussed.)
What is your overall evaluation of the tools? (Make sure you give specifics and the basis of your evaluation).

Like the rest of the Crystal Xcelsius, the SAP component is an excellent source for Business Intelligence software. Because of their currency in the market, they constantly updating their site. That can present a problem with some temporary broken links and/or changes. Please feel free to use the materials on the site even if not exactly as specified. If the other requirements are met the assignment will be accepted.

Ata Management: Data Warehousing and Data Mining

Sometimes new technology can be too much of a good thing. The case for this module deals with how not to let that happen to you. While these cases are five years old, the issues are applicable now as they discuss current issues. There are four principal short readings for this Modules Case for your to look at:

Betancourt, L. How Companies are using your Social Media Data, Retrieved on July 26, 2010 from html

Greenfield, L.Greenfield, L. (2005) The Case Against Data Warehousing Retrieved Retrieved on July 26, 2010 from the World Wide Web:dmintro_2.htm

When youve familiarized yourself with the issues, then please read the following case:

Hadfield, M. (2009) Case Study: Jaeger uses data mining to reduce losses from crime and waste Retrieved Retrieved on July 26, 2010 from 234953/case-study-jaeger-uses-data-mining-to-reduce-losses-from-crime-and.htm

Case assignment expectations:
Use information from the modular background readings as well as any good quality resource you can find. Please cite all sources and provide a reference list (use APA format) at the end of your paper.

LENGTH: 3-5 pages typed and double-spaced.

Your answer to the following question will be assessed:

Discuss the importance of implementing data warehousing and mining system in your organization. How would you make sure that these systems dont become become more trouble than they are worth?

The following items will be assessed in particular:

1.Your ability to apply your understanding of complex issues involved in the case question.

2. Your support for assertions using examples, citations (use required readings), and elaboration to support assertions. Evidence that you have read the required background materials.

3. Definition of data mining and discussion of how and when data mining can be used as a problem solving technique.

4. Description of the range of analytical tools used online or in other forms to extract meaning from the data.

5. Explanation of the role of data mining and warehousing in an organizations overall information technology strategy

6. Description of the main data warehouse concepts.

7. Evidence of your thinking about the issues, and going beyond the obvious to develop an analysis reflecting your own critical thinking. (Note: This is discussed in Welcome Message and Module Home pages).

Case Expectations, and Grading Criteria:
Your paper will be evaluated on the following criteria (meeting minimum requirements is B performance):

_ Complete the case assignment.

_ Length of 3-5 pages (since a page is about 300 words, this is approximately 900-1500 words)

_ Conducted evaluation and analysis as required

_ Support for assertions using examples, citations (use required readings), and elaboration to support assertions. Evidence that you have read the required background materials

_ Precision: the questions asked are answered.

_ Clarity: Your answers are clear and show your good understanding of the topic.

_ Breadth and Depth: The scope covered in your paper is directly related to the questions of the assignment and the learning objectives of the module.

_ Critical thinking: It is important to read the Required readingsposted in the background material plus others you find relevant. Your paper should include important concepts from these readings and incorporate YOUR reactions and examples that illustrate your reflective judgment and good understanding of the concepts.

_Your paper is well written and the references are properly cited and listed