Ata Mining as a Methodology for Extracting Hidden Knowledge from Breast Cancer Patients Records in Jordan

i wanna to summarize my thesis in 13 pages in ieee style
the paper should have:
related work
proposed methods
the data we use
results and experiments
summery and conclusion
future work

i wanna to be sure not copy past the pargraphs but rewrite it to be sure that is all original
and be sure to put the references
also i wanna had copy of the paper in word and other copy in adobe reader
i will attach my thesis but be sure that i did not allow to rewrite or reuse my thesis for any reason you should use it to write the research paper( summary of the thesis)
and not allow to publish it

Added on 21.02.2015 08:05
this is my thesis remember that its not allow to publish or rewrite the thesis under any reason it just to use it in write the paper
and dont forget to rewrite the paragraph to be sure that is original and dont forget the resource

Added on 27.02.2015 04:00
hi these slides will help you
please use the k-mean and SOM results in these slides

AND I WANNA to reply me thats every thing is ok
best regards