Ata Mining as means for competitive advantage-Issue-Data mining products are difficult to use and administer

perform research in order to collect relevant information. Paper must define the problem, review top articles, draw conclusions, communicate convictions, and defend them with support of authoritative sources. Note that white papers on the web or Trade journal articles written with a bias (e.g., trying to sell or publicize something) are inadequate. You may use newspapers, news magazines, and web sources to support and describe points. However, a minimum of eight journal articles is required. Journals carry significant, proven and validated research while newspapers and web pages often are quite  light. Look for top quality journal articles. (Consider MIS Quarterly, Communications of the ACM, Journal of Management Information Systems, Advances in MIS, Information and Management and so forth.)
Please follow the APA Guidelines or the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers.

I created an outline. Please instruct me how to send it? My topic is: Data mining as means for competivie advantage. Issue is Data mining products are dificult to use and administer.