Ata Model and Data Flow Diagram Assignment

1.You need to draw a data model and a process model (data flow diagram) for the following scenario.
2.List all the assumptions you may make.
3.You should not draw the actual tables with rows and columns in the submitted assignment; only the table names, attributes and relationships.

Case: PresRX is a new online pharmacy that wants to provide prescription and non-prescription drugs to Canadian consumers.

When a customer goes online, he is shown the drugs PresRX sells. To make the shopping easy, we allow the customer to search our products based on the following categories: pharmaceutical company, product type (prescription or non-prescription), drug type (antibiotics, antidepressant drugs or vitamins or cold/ flu drugs etc.), problems (like allergies or pain relief etc.) and the main ingredient (like penicillin). Each product also has the strength of the main ingredient (e.g. Allegra 30 mg, Allegra 50 mg etc.). The same product with different quantity in each package is treated as a separate product (e.g. Allegra 30 mg with 10 pills is different from Allegra 30 mg with 20 pills).

As the customer starts selecting products, the customer is given a  shopping cart . At the end, the customer can check out the shopping cart. At this time, he will be asked for personal information as well as login information for future purposes. The personal information includes the email, gender and date of birth in addition to the usual personal information needed for online shopping. He is also asked for credit card information (PresRX accepts only Master, Visa and American Express). Since PresRX also sells prescription drugs, if the  shopping cart for the customer contains a product that is available only by prescription, the customer must provide the physician s information as well. This information will include the physician s name, address, specialty, phone number, email, fax number and hospital/clinic affiliation (we care about only the clinic that our customer goes to). (If the physician s info is not provided, we will contact the customer and obtain the info.) The customer can also select the shipping method: we provide overnight, standard air and standard ground. For some of the drugs that are time and temperature sensitive, the customer will not be able to select the shipping method: the shipping method will automatically be chosen. The products will always be shipped to the person who orders them. If the customer wishes to use his insurance to make the purchase, we obtain the insurance company information as well as the insurance number and we will validate it by contacting the insurance company.

Once the credit card is validated, we request validation from the insurance company on the prescription, physician on the prescription and validation of the physician from the hospital/clinic (to prevent fraudulent prescriptions). This is done via an automated email sent to the clinic as well as the physician. If emails are not made available, one of the employees will fax the request. This request will contain the drug requested, the quantity ordered, date it was ordered and the customer s name, address and phone number. The insurance company is called. We do this every time the person shops.

The physician s office is given access to a physician s portal where his office can approve the prescription drug order. On approval, the drug is packed and shipped to the customer. The physician s portal is available where physicians can log in to not only approve the prescription request but also to renew the prescription for their patients.

We also need to obtain supplies regularly. The reordering is based on need, triggered by low stocks. The system will have to reorder from the supplier via automatic ordering. As the products are shipped to our customers, the system updates the product quantity and as soon as the quantity goes to a pre-set  low (different for each product), the system will immediately send an order to the product s supplier. Since we handle brand items, each product will have only one supplier. For each product we receive, our employees will update the product quantities in our system. The employees doing this will be the warehouse managers and we need to know who entered which batch of received shipments.

Since prescription drugs can be abused, we want to monitor (via regular reports) the hospitals and the doctors that give out most PresRX, the drugs they give the PresRX for and the customers that appear with multiple clinics/physicians for the same drug. We also want report on the orders we place with the suppliers.
You do not need to worry about the employee compensation, nor provincial taxes. Assume each product is taxes evenly at 8%.