Ata Security and Responsibility of the User

The Business Resources Coursepack has two articles that deal with predators and personal information. The first article (Babes in the Woods) identifies how seemingly innocent information can be a powerful tool to a predator. The second (In Shadows of Net) discusses how information can be passed to a predator through guise, misinformation, and seduction. Once information is posted  MySpace, YouTube, chat room, etc.  it becomes available for anyone to use. These articles are to provide an awareness of the ease of gathering information; they are not to be the references for your report.

In this paper:
1.) Discuss how information security is handled in your major area/career field (Computer Science/Video Game Design). What type of personal data is collected in your area, and do you think there are safeguards to protect this data.
2.) Consider that collecting data on paper, or having a client fax the information to a business office, can cause a breach of security. Think of a situation(s) which involves your career field where personal data is collected, and you have concerns with the safety of that data.
Note: Career Field is identified by your college major, not a current employment position.

Technical requirements of the report:
1. Header (Cover) page, including name, student number, college major.
2. Bibliography page, with sources properly annotated. The report must include least three sources (minimum).
a. One source must be from a book or printed professional journal. You can have more than one book or journal source.
b. Web sources are optional. Web journals are considered a web source, not a book/professional journal source.
c. If you use an interview, it must be identified as to why it is relevant to the topic.
d. The textbook cannot be used as one of your three primary sources. You may use it as an additional source.
3. All references must be cited in the report, and must be appropriately noted using MLA, APA or Chicago format for citing a reference in a report.
4. The report must be type written (12 pitch font  Times New Roman, Ariel, Courier), double spaced, with margins of 1 . Pages are to be numbered.
5. The body of the report must be no less than 3 pages, but not more than 6 pages, double spaced. This excludes the Header page and bibliography. Excessive spacing between paragraphs will add an additional page requirement.
6. Failure to cite a source in the report invalidates the source. Failure to cite any source can be considered as plagiarism.
7. The report must be submitted in RICH TEXT (.rtf) or Public Domain (.pdf) format. Reports not in one of these formats will not be accepted.