Ata structures and algorithms for social media

Deadline is very strict. No extensions will be available Please use sources available in public online access. I have stated that you need to use 7 sources but you can use as many as you need.


The essay discussing how social media sites are affected by their choices of
data structure and algorithm. You need not actually present or analyse any data or algorithms: focus instead on what sorts of things would be important to a social media site, what constraints they operate under, what they would need to consider, and how they would make their decisions.
The goal of the essay is to show an appreciation of the larger factors that affect how we select and develop computer systems for use on a large scale on the open internet.

You might find is useful to consider questions such as: How does Facebook (for example) store the social graph? How are a?walla? posts selected? What is done in memory, and what in a database?

How does security impact on the choice of data structure? Are things different at the huge scales at which social media operates, compared to a typical Java program (or even a small web site)?


Social media is now a part of all our lives, both personally and professionally. With increasing use in education and industry as well as simply a?sociallya?, sites such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, and the like can be expected to grow to encompass larger and larger fractions of the online population.While most users will be oblivious to these things, computer scientists are aware that such sites are backed by complex data structures and algorithms. These structures are in some senses the same as are used anywhere else, as the problems social media sites encounter are common to many other application domains; on the other hand, social media typically has to deal with large datasets, interactive access, and more stringent privacy and security policies than are common elsewhere.