Ata Theft On The Internet And Some Preventative Methods Used to reduce related internet crimes

This study will be conducted in order to identify data theft using the internet and the most up-to-date means of proving data security and privacy. In addition, there will be an overview of the most common crimes and thier impact on the societies and individuals that may happen because of data leaks through the internet.

The survey aims at addressing the following questions:
1) What is data theft and what its danger on the internet users?
2) What are the most efficient methods used to reduce data theft on the internet?
3) What are the most popular internet crimes that occur as a result of data theft?
4) How can we ensure and maintain data security and privacy on the internet?

data related to this project will be collected by different means such as some previous relevant books and journals, questionnaire and interviews. Gathered data will ,later on, be analyzed depending on theories and concepts of this field of study.