Ata-to-Insights about Lane Family Connections

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I still have an example and a outline for this paper? I will make an attachment later.

1.What to do:

Collect six sources related to your client.
Half of your sources may be from your client, half must be outside sources.
You must have at least two sources that relate to:
a) organization, b) audience and c) situation.
Follow the outline provided to write a research and analysis report.
Include a works cited page that is organized by:
a) organization, b) audience and c) situation.


To do appropriate and focused background research and apply it to your client.
To demonstrate the ability to draw insights and think analytically about what you learn.
To identify the most important aspects of the organization, audience and situation for the client to focus on.
To build a strong foundation for subsequent work in this course.
To present your ideas persuasively in written form.

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ItS a gateway class for a Journalism and Communication major. Please read the example, and follow the outlines, thanks!

Added on 15.01.2015 20:43
Lane Family Connections is the client.