Ata Warehouse Design and Implementation

Research Paper Requirements:

Each student is required to write a 5-10 page research paper on a topic related to the course content. It is important to remember that there is a significant difference between a research paper and a report. A research paper involves researching a topic and using the research to derive a conclusion. It must show effort and insight.


The paper should be 5-10 pages in length, not including title page, figures, tables, or references.The paper must be in a format that could be submitted for publication.


No Title Page No Table of Contents

Abstract short summary of the objectives and findings

Body of paper The title,your name, and page number should be at the top of each page.

References at a minium 3 references from the UMUC Library. All references must be from peer-reviewed material or published books (not from Wikipedia)


One inch margins (top, bottom, sides) Times New Roman or Arial12 point font Double spaced Running head with title, name, and page numbers

Grading Criteria:

Length: 10%
References that conform to APA guidelines: 10%
Spelling and Grammar: 10%
Research depth: 35%
Quality of presentation: 35%
The first three criteria should be obvious. Research depth includes things like number of references (at least 3), breadth of references (from UMUC library, such as ACM, IEEE,; Disadvantages of implementing an Operational Data Store with a data warehouse Resolution of Data Quality issues in the data warehouse Use of a staging database for the data entering the data warehouse The objective of the paper is to Researchthe topic. It is not to do a design.