Ata Warehousing and Business Intelligence

1. Data Audit (Group) I done this part and it is in the word document is you want to add more .
1.1. Describe your data (give an overview summary of your data set)
I also done some in this part

1.2. Identify your input and class variables (which variable are you going to use as your class variable)
I done some
1.3. Analyse your variables (for each variable, you need to discuss the variable type, calculate relevant summary statistics and visually display the data)
1.4. Discuss any anomalies in the data (for each variable you need to discuss missing values, outliers etc.)

2. Pre-process the Data (Group) (15 marks)

2.1. Discuss and carry out the appropriate handling of any anomalies identified in section 1.4
2.2. Do you need to discard any of your input variables, justify the reasons
2.3. Carry out appropriate Correlation Coefficient Analysis of the variables
2.4. Carry out appropriate pre-processing of the data set
2.5. Carry out any appropriate transformation of any of the input variable

3. Data Mining (Individual)

3.1. Appropriate use of data-mining algorithms and software (you need to use at least 2 different techniques)
3.2. Appropriate selection and presentation of results

4. Analysis of Results (Individual)
4.1. Discussion and interpretation of the data-mining results (you need to compare the results you get from the data mining with the results of other members of your group)
((I will send it to you when the other finish))

4.2. Discussion of the business intelligence that can be obtained from the results.

5. Presentation (Group with each group member contributing individually)

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hello , this course work is tow part so you have to finish all the task so I can give it to the other group member as he will do the same(4.1) so you compare the results , I done some part as you well see in the attached files
thank you

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week 14 datapre-processing

Added on 25.04.2015 06:03
week 16 mining frequent patterns association

Added on 25.04.2015 06:04
week 17association rules in weka

Added on 25.04.2015 06:06
week 18 decision trees

Added on 25.04.2015 06:06
week 20 clustering

Added on 25.04.2015 06:09
week19 decision trees in weka

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hello ,
the writer submit the work to late and I been working in this till today as she give me extraction till today but the time is best and im still working I have sleep,eat, or do any think only this work
I relay on you gays you can see from when I request the order ,I should be done from 20 days !!! and do the other works as I mange my time .
now I have my sheet that I been working and add the trees on he have to do only part 3 and 4 like what he did and still there is some work that have to do after I will give him 5 houses from now 2:30 so im witting around 7 to 8 max
I cant submet my sheets her I donT now way but im goanna find way to send it

Added on 04.05.2015 21:02
this how to do the tress part
from( classify) choose( trees) then( j48) then press( start)
it will give you the result explain this please also for the screen shots that you gone talk about