Atabase and Enterprise Application security


Paper should be approximately 6 pages (single space).

Paper topics.(chose one of a or b)
a. Compare and contrast the database security features offered by COTS (commercial off the shelf) DBMSas. For each feature you should briefly outline the database security problem the feature is addressing. Where possible illustrate with a simple example. Make a case to your manager for purchasing what you consider to be the a? mosta? security rich DBMS available on the market.
b. Research and present the web-security issues which developers of enterprise web-applications should be cognizant of. Which (if any) database security features offered in market leading Enterprise DBMSas would facilitate the development of secure web-based enterprise applications. If you were leading a project team on a major enterprise web-application project what security guidelines would you establish for your team?

summary of your paper (not more than 1/2 a page) and a List of References.