Atabase application, Planning, Design, and Implementation

Create a 3 paragraph plan for a database that will be designed, developed and implemented over the course of the remainder of the term. The goal of this assignment is to come up with an idea for a database that you could use at work, home, church, etc. that would help in establishing your skill set in the database process. In future weeks, you will be creating the actual logical structure using tools such as the Entity Relationship Diagram and Data Dictionary and eventually you will be creating the physical database using Access. This database will include the relational aspect we spoke of earlier and each week s portion of the overall assignment (Term Project) will build upon previous weeks until the database is complete and operational.
In your essay, describe the following specifics:
” Project need and analysis
” Person requesting the project
” Various players in the database (Nouns  people, places, or things)
” Relationships between the players (how do they interact)
” SWOT analysis, if appropriate, specifying Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats
” Other appropriate information you feel is important to the project