Atabase Design and data security breeches

Please answer the following questions with 250 words first question 250 second question 2 references a piece.

Question 1
Utilizing the ideas from parts of your proposed Database Design Proposal and other associated assignments, consider the following scenario: An academic researcher wants to conduct a study on the distribution of various medications over the past 10 years.

1) What steps are required before the researcher can obtain any data?

2) What would be the applicable policy and regulations based on the module lecture notes and other knowledge of data security?

3) What will constitute your plan on how to provide the necessary data to the researchera which pieces of information can and cannot be provided?

4) Explore and weigh options on providing restricted access to the database directly to the researcher (specify the necessary SQL statements to establish database accounts, configure privileges, and create restricted views of the data) versus exporting the required data.

Summarize your answers to these questions and post it into the Discussion Forum. Compare your ideas with those of your colleagues.

Question 2
Module 6 DQ 2
Find two examples of data/security breaches that resulted in theft/loss/exposure of confidential data, preferably health care related data. Describe the incidents and explain what could have been done to prevent or mitigate them.