Atabase Security Threats and Challenges

Objective is to provide research on the subject; Database Security Threats and Challenges and summarize the results of the research. Deliverables: 1.Thesis statement expressing central idea/theme 2.Outline of paper 1-2pg 3.Abstraact of paper (1 pg) 4:Final paper (16 pgs) Appendix A figures, tables, etc unless embedded in text. 5. Appendix B Works cited. 6. Appendix C List of other works consulted (Bibliography). Paper Outline: A: Opening 2 paragraph max, the claim you make & will defend. B:Introduction up to 2 pgs expansion of setup & thesis statement. C:Thesis Defense 1 2 pgs D: Summary (only if Disclaimer and/or Recommendations follow), 1 2 paragraph max. E: Disclaimer (optional), F: Recommendations (optional). G: Conclusion Final summary of thesis & argument validating it; if no Disclaimer or Recommendations section this would replace Summary; might be combined as Conclusion & recommendations if sparse Recommendations Content

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