Atabase Structures, Languages, and Architectures

Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) are the most common database operations. Basic as they are, they often seem to have about as much prestige in organizations as their eponymous acronym -even in organizations critically dependent on them (and which arent, these days?) Understand where the data are and how they move around, and you understand most of what happens -fail to understand data, and you might as well stay home.

In this module, we begin our study of databases and database management with a review of what databases are, how they are structured, what arrangements are made to connect them into viable architectures, the languages that are used to manage and manipulate the data, and the general technological environment within which databases currently function.

Website Research:

Paper Expectations:
1. What are the major advantages and disadvantages of RDBMS and OODBMS?
2. If you were to start a business of your own, what database managment system would you choose? and why?
3. What are the solutions to data integration?
4. Describe the overall ideas behind the principal database management protocols and linkage structures
5. Distinguish between relational databases, object-oriented databases, and other database architectures and explain the circumstances under which each approach may be most appropriate.

Paper Topic:
When youve read through the articles and related material and thought about it carefully, please do a little search and study on your own. Then compose a short 2 page paper on the topic:

What are the Pros and Cons of RDBMS and OODBMS?

Atabase Structures, Languages, and Architectures

you are required to discuss a database system used in a company or an organization (It could be your organization, or any other organization). Your paper should cover the following topics:
a?Why it is necessary to use database system?
a?What kinds of information this database system collect? and what information it provides?
a?Which database management system is used? Access? Oracle? DB2 …? Why or why not it is a good choice?
a?Any other topics you would like to discuss related to this database system?

Your paper should be three pages in length, and reflect your personal experiences with this issue. The important part of all these project assignments is to carefully assess your own experiences with the topic, and then reflect critically on what you might have learned about yourself and about situations through this assessment process.

The more that you can use the exercise to develop personal implications for your growth as a potential business person as well as a moral individual, the more value youll get out of the exercise.