Atabase Systems (CM0307M) Course Work (2009-2010) A Management System for Camera Distribution

Requirements and Marks:
(1) Draw an Entity Relationship (ER) diagram, including all the entities and their relationships. [20%]
(2) Provide a briefly explain about your design and state any assumptions you have made about your design. [10%]
(3) Based on the ER diagram produced, specify the associated tables and their attributes. [10%]
(4) Identify the functional dependencies among by the attributes of each table.
(5) Check if all the tables are in the 3NF. If not, perform the normalization procedures in order to produce a set of 3NF tables. If yes, please explain WHY.
(6) Provide the final design by showing all your tables, the attributes, the data types and domain of each attribute, as well as the primary and foreign keys (if any). [20%]